Sustainable Sushi Guide

What if we could look up the sustainabiliy of our seafood choices before we order sushi?

App Design

"Sustainable Sushi Guide is your seafood and sushi dining companion. You might recognize maguro or hamachi on a menu, but what about tako, iwashi, or shirako? What are they? Are they served raw or cooked? Are they sustainably harvested? Sustainable Sushi Guide is here to rescue you."

For my final project in SEA Semester's Historic Seaports of Western Europe, I created a sustainable sushi guide that translates Japanese sushi terms to English (both kanji and transliteration) and provides sustainability information about the seafood. I wanted to make sushi menus easier to understand for a Western audience and incorporate the problem of overfishing we discussed in class. It also has brief overviews of the major fishing + farming methods in use today and their pros and cons.

I created the entire app as a solo endeavor, from design to programming to illustrations to testing to release. It was released on the App Store in October 2016. Visit the promotional website here.

Trailer for Sustainable Sushi Guide

Screenshots from the app