What if we had to save the mountain shrine of fox spirit Inari from an unspecified evil?

Game Design

"Inari is an iOS action, puzzle-platformer set in a lush eastern world. Upon awakening, you realize that an Ancient Evil has resurfaced, threatening to take away the light of the world. Use your quick wit and agility to traverse the world, collect scattered light shards, and eventually restore harmony to your home."

During the spring of 2016, I acted as Project Lead for the development of an iOS game called Inari in an Advanced Game Design class. I contributed to all aspects of the game creation pipeline, from concept art to narrative to programming to version control to user testing. My primary contributions were concept art, particle systems, user interfaces (menus), user testing and feedback, and various code reorgs and bug fixes.

Inari was nominated for best Student & New Developer Game at the 2016 Boston Festival of Indie Games. It also won Most Polished and came in third for Audience Favorite at the 2016 GDIAC Showcase.

Visit the promotional website here.

Trailer for Inari

Environment tiles for three different environments (increasingly lush and cheerful from left to right)

Menu for Inari (fades in + out by touching the gear at top right)

Concept art (environment)