Hi, I'm Kate.

I like to design. I work in lots of mediums (paper, canvas, code, to name a few).

I am also a massive computer geek and sci-fi + fantasy nerd.

I am now working toward a PhD in computer science at Dartmouth College. My research is within computer graphics, specifically rendering and appearance modeling. I especially like to explore tools that will be useful to creative souls in the animation, visual effects, and gaming industries.

Here are some interesting projects I have contributed to:

Photonic Sentry

Zapping mosquitoes with a laser.

Logo + Web Design

Personal Project

Building a xylophone.

Computational Geometry + Woodworking


Rebuilding a shrine with a fox spirit.

Game Design

Sustainable Sushi Guide

Nomming on sushi.

App Design

No Fry Zone

Airbrushing sun protection.

Logo Design

Cornell Athletics

Cheering for the home team.

Graphic Design


Keeping secrets a secret.

Logo + Web Design

Kaliesin Capital LLC

Building a dragon.

Logo + Web Design

Call of the Sea

Sailing on San Francisco Bay.

Graphic Design